Prepare Your House for Sale During a Lockdown

Prepare Your House for Sale During a Lockdown

June 5, 2020

If you do need to sell your house during the COVID-19 restrictions you don't need to settle for a significant reduction in your home value, the value of your home will be determined by many factors, including the size of your land, the quality of your home, the long term economic growth in your area, which are all going to be much bigger than the current and near-future economic situation. Supply and demand will probably stay pretty consistent as well, with those that can hold off on selling more likely to wait, leaving fewer homes on the market and a good boost of people looking for homes thanks to government initiatives like no stamp duty, as well as those happy to forgo the crowds and take more time in making their purchase choices.

Choose the right agent.

Choosing an agent carefully has always been a big factor in getting a great price for your home, it goes a lot further than just accepting the highest quoted price or the lowest interest fee. The skill and ability of your agent matters during COVID-19 restrictions more than ever as serious buyers will be spending much more one-on-one time speaking with your agent and discussing the terms of making an offer.

Get every detail of your property perfect.

Make sure there is nothing for prospective buyers to gripe about, Have everything from your nature strip to your back fence polished and gleaming, free of hazards and showing no signs of wear and tear.

This includes pressure cleaning the pavers and home exterior, as well as making cosmetic improvements inside. When your home is beautifully presented inside and out, you offer a home that's desirable and attractive not just financially, but also a lifestyle as well. It's a sure-fire way to stand out both online and at open house inspections and make a memorable impression.

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Invest in your property.

Spending a little can save you or even earn you a lot in the long run. Get quotes on the following services and crunch the numbers to see what your budget allows. You can also talk to your agent about what they consider to be worthwhile additions in your local area. Research properties previously sold locally, and what demographic of people are most likely to buy your home.

• Landscaping
• Room staging
• Independent inspections

Independent inspections are worth it if your home is older and it's been a long time since the last check. Serious buyers will get pest inspections and building inspections done before they make an offer, so it is best to know what faults exist before they do. Aside from taking out the element of surprise for both parties, inspections will help you assess if it's financially feasible to have issues repaired. You can opt to list any faults upfront so you play an open hand, something your buyers will respect when they get their property report completed.

Get the right online marketing materials.

Online property searches, especially those from overseas buyers, is becoming more and more essential, however, with restrictions in place and potential lockdowns looming, online marketing is an essential aspect of getting a good property sale result.

Make sure your agent represents your property perfectly with quality photos that stand out, not just of your property, but against other properties as well. You will need to include a good selection of relevant photos as well as a detailed floor plan. Some agents also offer virtual walkthroughs. Make sure the software they use is user friendly and easy to navigate but if not, a quality video will work just as well and be less of a barrier to those browsing online.


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