Ways to improve your garden before selling

Ways to improve your garden before selling

August 19, 2019

When it comes to Aussie residential property, one standard feature that many countries consider a luxury is the home garden. We are lucky to have boundless plains and big blocks, giving us the ability to have backyards to play in and welcoming front lawns, maybe even some chickens and veggies, depending on your liking.

Presenting a garden in its best light is a critical factor when it comes to selling your home. A small investment of time and money to your outdoor spaces can increase your final selling price by as much as 20%, so it's well worth digging out your spade and finding time to fertilize your grass.

First impressions

If you only have time or money to spruce one part of your garden, make it the front. First impressions count so make sure everything from the nature strip to the front door is welcoming, neat and alive.


Putting mulch on your garden bed is the fastest, cheapest and most impacting way to boost your garden appearance. It will hide any dead spots, keep weeds down and look fresh and healthy. For best results lay your mulch down the week before your photoshoot and open for inspection dates.

Entrance way

Make sure there is a neat, clear path from the footpath to your door.  Cut back any bushes or plants that obstruct both passage and view so they are well back, you are looking to make room to spare. If you have a path, rent a pressure cleaner and give it a good hose down, you may find the need to repave if so it's always wise to widen your walkway to provide a safe, spacious and very inviting entrance.

Bring in established plants

Planting new greenery and flowers at the last minute can be a bit touch-and-go, you may find they droop or keel over right on inspection day. It pays to bring in potted plants that are well-established and guaranteed to stay green and spritely. Be bold, go for really big plants and pots that have a group of well-arranged colour themed flowers. Large, well-established plants will draw the eye and be worth the money you spend on hiring them (or borrowing from a friend).

If you do want to do your own planting don't wait until the last minute. Put your plants in as early as possible giving them (hopefully) months to take root and find their mojo.

Living screens

If you have a view that's not so pretty, like the vacant block next door or the neighbours washing line, use some garden materials to put up a natural wall. Privacy is high on a new homebuyer's list so you want to screen out anything that looks less than secluded. To make life easier you can buy pre-grown hedging plants, including ivy screens, ideal for just about any location but especially effective for building into retaining walls. Other cheaper and quick fixes are to add fence toppers, bring in a mature tree or put up a shade sail.

Easy to maintain

Most people looking to buy are probably not looking to spend their spare time gardening. Keep your garden simple and low-maintenance, if you are unsure what plants to install ask for low maintenance options from your landscaper or stockist. This way even if you do catch the eye of an avid gardener, they will quickly see ways to get in and make their mark.

Avoid mess

Forget about installing water features, ponds or anything that requires large amounts of concrete. These are hard to maintain (for you leading up to your sale as well as the new owner) plus they are hard to get rid of.  The new owner might have big dreams for your outdoor space. While you might get a pretty picture, you might also get an eyesore, some raised eyebrows, and hesitant buyers.


If you have a courtyard that isn't used, it is well worth cleaning it up and replacing anything that looks a little worn, including paving and beams. Some string lights, cushions, and cut flowers can go a very long way here. If you don't have a courtyard it's worth creating some kind of seating space or table area to give that feel for an outdoor lifestyle. You might even find it's worth putting in a decked area with a cover or sail for more versatility, but this will depend greatly on your space and current garden usage.

Your outdoor space is a key selling point in your home. Make sure it best represents your quality asset and helps your home sale finish strong. A few thousand dollars spent here can come back in very big ways so look at your garden in a creative light and get more green in your life.


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