What to do Before Leaving on Holidays

What to do Before Leaving on Holidays

December 21, 2018

The school bags are finally unpacked for the last time in 2018 and you are packing your travel bags for a summer sea change, visit to grandmas or perhaps even jet-setting these holidays. Before you go there are some must dos, some for security, some for care and just to make coming home easier.

In the whirlwind of daily life it can be hard to keep your grip on everything and get yourself organised for your trip. We’ve organised this checklist of what to do before you leave on holiday, both well before and on the day so that you can move through each item without having to dedicate too much time or burn excessive energy just getting yourself to a relaxing location.


Ask someone you trust to do an occasional security check.

If you are heading away for more than seven days then ask someone you trust to drop in on the house every few days. They can bring in the junk mail, turn on the lights in the evening and make sure everything inside is going okay, especially if there has been bad weather or a power outage. It’s a good idea to ask a neighbour to bring in the mail even if you are only going away for a couple of days.

Write a pack list

It pays to write a pack list early, when you are calm and going at a slower pace, this way you can add to the list as you think of new pack items. It also enables you to quickly see which items you can start packing well ahead of time to save issues in the lead up to your travel dates. Every trip will be different so think about your stay. i.e. If you have laundry facilities pack in your washing detergents.

Care for your pets

Book in early

If you are heading away during peak holiday season the pet hotels book out fast so you will need to have booked well in advance.

Pack a pet bag before things get crazy

If your pets are going with you on holiday then you will need to pack for them as well. In a situation where you can’t get to a supermarket straight away some extra food will take the edge off their stress when you arrive.

Meet the sitter

Having someone stay at your home to look after your pets cuts down the preparation to-do list when leaving and keeps your pet stress levels low. Meet your sitter if they are from a service to be sure they are a good fit and to give you both a chance to ask questions and run through how a usual day looks. A friend or pet sitting services staying over will also secure your home and water your plants!

Pack a nice smell

Dropping your pets at a friends or relative’s place for a mini break? Pack in something familiar from home to calm their nerves.

Pay your bills in advance

If you don’t already have a automatic payment system on your utilities make sure you pay your bills as early as possible and in advance (if accepted by your provider). This way you can relax knowing everything has been covered while you are away, as well as give you some financial breathing space when you get back.

Tell the bank you are going

Credit card scams are a big thing these days and costs the banks a lot of money. Because of this any irregular spending on your cards or accounts is going to raise question marks. You can even be automatically shut of if your spending looks suspicious. If you are heading interstate, and especially if you are going overseas let your bank know where you are going and when so they can green light your ATM withdrawals and keep you moving.

Use up your stored fridge items

In the week leading up to your holiday make as many meals from leftovers as you can to use up what is already in your fridge, especially those fruits and vegetables so you don’t have as much to throw away before you head out. Remember to compost rather than bin.

Record your shows or news programs

Record your favourite shows or any special programs running while you are away. If you are leaving overseas for a month or more it pays to record a news program as you won’t always hear about current events you missed.


Don’t be the only one to complete these items, it’s all hands on deck to tick these off and get the holiday show on the road!

 Pack your toiletries

 Close and lock windows

 Pull curtains and blinds closed

 Put clean sheets on the bed

 Clean out the fridge

 Put some bottles of your favourite drinks in to chill, ready for when you get back.

 Turn off every power point (unless you need an item running like the fridge or the TV box for recording your shows)

 Turn off the taps connected to the washing machine

 Water the plants

 Empty the rubbish bin

 Close and lock all doors

Lastly, throw this completed checklist in your bag with all the boxes ticked so when you are half way to your destination and wonder, did I…? you can don’t have to rely on a frayed memory, you have proof in your hand.


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