The best home scents for winter

July 4, 2019

Ready to snuggle in and enjoy being warm and snug at home this winter? Home can be a great retreat unless it smells of damp, stale towels and dirty socks.

Unlike summer where you can easily open your house and let the warm air sweep through an evaporate bad smells, leaving you with tantalising scents of gardens, beaches and fresh-cut grass, in winter your house is closed up and smells are able to strengthen over time.

While you can neutralise bad odours in clothes, carpets, even your pets with Baking Soda you can go further by adding in scents and aromas that will have your home smelling welcome in no time. If you are planning to sell your home this winter, then having scents in your home can make a staggering difference when it comes to attaching positive feelings to your home and also creates stronger recall of your property in the minds of those who walkthrough.

Finding great scents for home is easy and takes almost no time to prepare. Once you have the tools you need on hand, you are ready to light up a scent as soon as you walk in the door.

Kitchen aroma

Of course, the best aroma to have in your home is your very own baking. Bread in the bread maker, cookies in the oven or chai tea on the boil all make for amazing, warm smells right through your home. Having something simmering away is also a nice way to warm your home. Sweating over a lamb roast in the heat of summer is just not as appealing. Enjoy that extra time at home and dance your way around the kitchen, it keeps you warm and burns those calories you might eat (or drink) later. If you have a partner then cooking and cleaning up together can be ever so romantic. Not feeling up to eating all that food? Take it to work, host a soup day or have friends or family around for dinner.

Fresh flowers

There are some delightful blooms during winter that can freshen your home, although they are usually much more subtle than summer bouquets. On the bright side, this means you can select different scents for different rooms in the house and not have them clashing or competing for attention.

Try some of these winter blooms:

Witch hazel

Think outside the box (or vase) a little when it comes to winter scents. Oranges, lemons and mandarins are in season so a few branches, thick with leaves and bearing a few fruits will bring colour and that fresh citrus smell, plus you get to eat them when you are finished with the table decoration.


If you don't want to spend all winter cooking (or eating biscuits) then you can look for spice-scented candles like cinnamon, orange, chocolate, vanilla, praline, clove, musk or caramel. If you don't like the idea of too much sugar, sniff out duel fragrances where the sweetness is mixed with rich woody smells for something a little more grown-up.

If you need help, ask to sample scents that are calming, spicy or warm. Always go with your first instincts, smells are very personal, so pick the ones that you really love.

When burning candles remember to always be safe, keep them away from curtains and materials and never leave them burning unattended.

Diffusers and oils

Essential oils do more than just freshen up your home's smell, they can also alter your mood, ease colds and help you de-stress.

Peppermint, musk, vanilla and apple make for warming winter scents but equally good are sandalwood, cedarwood and Juniper. Tahitian orchid is a particularly pretty smell in winter.

For something different, try mixing it up. Make your own unique blends of oils or try out the following:

Woods: 1 drop each of black pepper and pine plus 3 drops grapefruit.

Gluhwein: 3 drops each of Mandarin, Orange and Clove plus 1 to 2 drops of Cinnamon.

To keep the smell fresh flip the reeds over every three days.

Clean smell

Fresh, crisp dry-cleaning can also smell snug and inviting. This is especially useful if your winter throw rug or faux fur cushions smell musty or of mothballs from storage.

Go natural

Don't be afraid to open your windows and let the rain smell in. Natural airflow will boost the power of any scents you have created in your home.

Crushed eucalypt leaves or eucalyptus oil can also create a calming, healthy and beautiful smell in the home. Perfect for hanging in the bathroom for a steam bath scene while you shower.

Winter can be an enjoyable time of year, when you put your mind, and nose, to the task or enjoyment.

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