Spectacular Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas

Spectacular Christmas Gift-Wrapping Ideas

What could be more exciting then getting a gift to open on Christmas? Getting a gift that is wrapped to perfection.

If you want to give a gift that shows you really care then the wrapping is the key. Just like icing on a cake the wrapping presentation makes the insides all the more appetising, plus, it discourages those who like to poke, prod and squish their presents to determine what’s inside.

These wrapping ideas have a sophistication and creativity level that will knock your Christmas socks off, and yet…they are so easy to nail. All you need is time, because that truly is the greatest gift of all. The look on their face when you give them their gift will be well worth the effort.

Smooth Edges

Let’s start with a classic wrap lesson. Even the most experienced wrapper get those nasty bunches and crinkles along the edges when folding the sides up. With this wrapping technique you will have seamless edges every time.

Perfect tip:

If your gift doesn’t come with a box buy one or repurpose a box you have at home. It’s much easier to wrap if it has flat surfaces.

1. Place your box to be wrapped upside down in the centre of your wrapping sheet, corners of the paper out, making a diamond shape around the present.

2. Wrap a corner across your present bottom and attach the point to the present itself with a small piece of tape. Your gift should now have a triangle of wrapping across it. If you paper is cut to the right size, the triangle point should just touch the opposite edge.

3. Move to the edges. Fold the wrapping paper flat against the box to create a hanging triangle at the bottom. Carefully and neatly fold up the point and fasten it to the gift. To help decrease the amount of bulky paper at the narrow ends, only fold in the already completed side, the other side of both ends remains open.

4. Now it’s time to fold in those open edges, do this neatly against the long edge and fold the triangle up to a point and secure to the gift.

5. Turn your gift over and decorate with a ribbon, bow, string or gift card.

A Gift Tube

Sometimes a box isn’t the right shape for your gift. Hand lotions, essential oils and small, odd shaped gifts can go very snugly into a home-made tube.

Use the inside tube from an empty toilet paper, paper towel or cling wrap roll.

1. Wrap the tube in gift-wrap leaving a small amount of overhang at each end.

For a completely clean look use double-sided sticky tape between the roll and the wrapping to seal it down.

2. Tuck the overhanging wrapping inside the ends for a smooth look and no fuss finish.

3. Pinch one end closed and tape it down so it stays that way.

4. Slide your present inside the open end.

5. Now press the end close in a flat position, like a long cone or triangle shape.

6. Secure the end and decorate with ribbon.

Perfect tip:

Fold and cut the wrapping paper carefully.

A Gift Balloon

This will put a tingle in their stocking. It’s loud, surprising and messy.

You will need:

• A large gift box. Like those from discount variety stores. Round ones are more fun as they fit the balloon in tightly.

• A large, clear balloon

• Confetti

• A small card (you can make your own)

• A toothpick

• Tape or blue-tac

This will only work on gifts that are small enough to fit into the mouth of the balloon, so saying, you can stretch the opening pretty far when you are motivated and work it over a few times.

1. Inflate your balloon to get a gauge on size and to see how well it fits into your box. You want the balloon and box to be roughly the same size, but for the lid to close easily. While you have your balloon inflated create some static by rubbing it vigorously against a rug or carpet.

2. Once deflated, pour your confetti into the balloon and insert your gift.

3. Carefully re-inflate your balloon. Don’t over inflate as it will be more likely to pop from contact with the contents. If the confetti isn’t sticking to the inside of the balloon carefully charge it against some carpet – you may want to deflate it a little before you do this.

4. Use sticky tape or blue-tac to fix the toothpick to the inside lid of the box.

5. Place or attach a card with instructions that could be as simple, “Pop Me” or elaborate as you like, “Your mission should you choose to accept it…”

6. Place the lid on top and decorate as desired with a ribbon or bow.

Dress Up Box

Sometimes the most practical gift box is dead boring. You can quickly and easily change that to create a wow effect. The more dull the box, the more stunning this makeover appears.

1. Simply fix some double-sided tape to your ready gift in any design, letters or pattern you like.  Double straight lines down a long edge works just fine but you can get as creative as you like.

Perfect tip:

To create something other than straight lines use a generous amount of glue stick to make waves, hearts or groovy star shapes.

2. Next, peel the second backing off the tape and sprinkle your gift liberally with glitter.

3. Shake the loose glitter off into some newspaper.

4. Spray your gift lightly with hair spray to keep the glitter from flying off (optional).

Make them feel important this Christmas, show them you care. Wrap it up with flare.


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