Renovate your home without renovating

Renovate your home without renovating

November 22, 2019

Saving for renovations can be tough, especially if you have just purchased your home and are nurturing what's left of your savings. Apart from the expense, renovations are a hassle if they impact your ability to live in your home, either because work is too messy, it removes part or all of your bathroom, kitchen or bedroom space so you are left to make do, rely on the neighbours, or they take so long you forget about a time when you had four secure walls. The last thing you want to do when you first move in is start knocking walls down and pulling vanities out. You are excited about your new home and need some time to get settled.

While you wait to build up your savings or get know your property well enough to make your future renovations count here are some great ways to improve your space without the cost and mess of actual renovations.

What's the best return on investment when it comes to living up your home?

1. Paint

A fresh coat of paint is easy to apply yourself and it's a great way to bond with your new property.

Take the time to know your home make up so you can be sure to apply the right paint types as well as any primers and treatments you need to make your end result a brilliant one. A chat with your paint supply specialist will help ensure you get the right tools for the job. Aside from your walls, you can look to freshen up cupboards and doors to supply a fresh new look that adds that personal touch.

2. New taps

Taps and fittings come in an incredible range of shapes and styles as well as price points to match any budget. Transform your bathroom, laundry or kitchen for a fraction of the cost of renovating simply by installing a new tap set. With finishes and colours that will inspire, you can pick up sets for under $100 that are stylish and will create a lasting effect.

Can you do your plumbing work? You probably can for things as simple as trading out old fittings and washers. But before you get going it's worth asking a tradesperson about your options, just in case your plumping set up is a little more complicated than usual. You don't want to find out the hard way that you should have twisted clockwise, not anticlockwise.

3. Door handles and knobs

It is surprising just how big the impact of small things like door handles can be but the wow factor is most certainly real. Even if your home has been renovated since it was built chances are the new design overlooked this very important aesthetic aspect. Door handles and cupboard knobs are the fastest and easiest way to bring your home up to date and create a sleek, five-star feel. There is an abundant number of options on the market so you will be sure to find something that dictates the style you are looking to achieve within your budget.

If you want the job to be quick and easy you can buy new handles that match up with the existing handle screw points. If you do get a totally different style and need to insert your new handles from scratch be sure to take your time, carefully measure and go easy so you get a long term effect that looks professional and you love looking at. Sealing up any unwanted holes is easy with these instructions.

4. Declutter with great storage

Decluttering your home is the best thing you can do to enhance the look and feel of your home. While a lot of decluttering work just comes down to making great choices about what you keep and how you use your items, you can also create a minimalist look and fresh feel with great storage options to help declutter and open up space. Furniture that doubles as storage space, really well-prepared cupboard spaces, as well as built-in storage systems, can go a long way not just in having your home look amazing, but also in how easily you can move about and locate what you need.

Great for living room, bedroom, kitchen and laundry see how built-in storage solutions can turn your living space around.

5. Lighten up

Stunning lighting is easy to achieve and creates a real centrepiece for your home space. Many light fittings double as artwork so you can stretch out and express yourself and let your light do the talking for the whole room. As well as looking great, you will also appreciate the extra mood great lighting can bring to your home.

Remember to always get a licenced professional electrician to carry out any changes you need to make to electrical point, wiring or power access points.

It's not just your ceiling lights you can use for highlights, you can also install battery-run lights on walls in place of pictures, run LED strip lighting under cabinets to bring light to worktops, hang pendant lights over the kitchen bench or dining table and have focused direction light in the bathroom.

Think smart. You might want to consider getting smart about your lighting choices so you can allow home automation technology to turn on light before you arrive home or dim lights or switch lights off for bed.

6. Rework those benchtops

Upgrading your old kitchen or bathroom benchtops doesn't need to be expensive or difficult. There are some great shortcuts you can take that means you can achieve an incredible look without actually bringing in a slab of marble. Painting, resurfacing or getting an overlay are just some of the ways you can change to look of your space without spending a fortune.

Loving the home you are in and creating the most of your most valuable asset is not something that needs to be put on the backburner. Jump in and get started any way you can and feel great about your space.


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