Quick fixes to make before selling your home

Quick fixes to make before selling your home

July 29, 2019

If you are selling your home it's vital that you make a good first impression, and first impressions start before your door opens for those all-important walkthrough inspections. You need to have your home ready for those real estate photoshoots that will display your home, online, in print and on a street billboard. Many younger buyers rely heavily on property photos to narrow down their search and determine which properties to attend, and overseas investors have occasionally purchased homes for the full asking price on the real estate listing alone!

Getting your house primed and terrific will take a solid amount of work and some financial investment, so if you are thinking about selling in the near future, start your budget and investigate where your home needs improvements well beforehand. It's well worth that extra time and money for a quick, easy sale with the price that leaves you room to move on comfortably.


This is the most satisfying job you can do in your home, and it needs to be done sooner, rather than later. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the task ahead remember, anything you clear out now is one less thing you have to pack and move with you.


Staging two rooms of your house makes for eye-popping photos as well as a wowing walkthrough. What you are looking to create, or have created for you by a professional stylist, is a sense of being home, flexibility, and style with modern, long-standing character.

The difference in price can be as much as an additional $25,000, which is well worth hiring the extra furniture or borrowing modern items from a friend.


The difference a new coat of paint can make to the clean, fresh look of your walls will astound you. In most cases, people think their freshly scrubbed walls are clean and look great…until they get new paint on and see the difference.

If you are on a budget stick to the rooms that will make the most impact and make sure you give any tired doors a fresh coat of paint, including the front and back doors that will probably be weather-beaten.

Put in new globes

Replace every bulb in your home. It's a small and simple thing that all your house lights work and work well. When you change them out make sure all your new globes match. Having the same temperature and style of globe in each room and through your whole home gives a uniform and effortless effect. While you are there, give any light fittings a good dusting, or if they are the closed kind, soak them in a tub of warm water and bi-carb soda to get rid of bugs, dust, and grime.

Lay new carpet

Any tired, worn or faded carpet needs to be replaced. To check on your carpet condition, compare the middle of the carpet where you walk all the time to the edges. You will see a colour and thread difference. If your wardrobes are carpeted, this is a great indicator of the original carpet condition and will give you a working comparison to your well-worn runways.

If your carpets are new and fresh enough to keep, make sure you get them professionally cleaned to lift out any dust and dirt and give them a lively lift.

Bring in some plants

You want to present a fresh, clean home that reads between the lines as; life, growth, and prosperity. An amazing way to enhance this aspect is with plants, real living, growing plants. If you don't already have indoor plants it's worth hiring a range of potted indoor plants to give you green, healthy plants at a fraction of the price of buying them.

Update the kitchen

Kitchens are such an important part of your home sale. It can make a huge difference in the way someone feels about your home. If you only spend money in one room, it's a good choice for this to be your investment. Steer clear of complete kitchen renovations which are costly and may not be to a new buyer's taste. Instead, spruce up your dated kitchen by updating benchtops, cheap options are laminate, engineered stone and high-pressure laminate (HPL). If you only need a little buffing then you can opt to do it yourself with a benchtop resurfacing kit.

Update the handles on all doors and drawers in your kitchen for a modern sleek finish. If your kitchen is especially dated then a coat of paint in neutral tones on the cabinet doors will help create a memorable and favourable impression.

Get a high pressure external clean

High pressure clean on pavements, driveways and house exterior will make for a sparkling finish. Getting your roof cleaned is also a favourable option, however, it's one you should consider hiring a pro for, as any roof work is potentially dangerous.

Get a professional interior clean

After all that work you deserve a break. The cost of hiring a professional cleaning service before your real estate photo shoot is well worth it as they will get into places you probably wouldn't have thought to clean and do a thorough job quickly and with maximum effort, while you attend to more important jobs, or put your feet up and get some well-earned TV time.

While you will need to spend money in some areas to improve your home, doing so can increase the property value, attract more potential buyers and sell your home faster so get serious about selling and be rewarded with standout results.


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