Property additions that will pay off!

Property additions that will pay off!

September 13, 2019

Add-ons and refurbishments are tricky subjects and can have long-term consequences if you fail to hit the sweet spot for your next buyer.

Making a house a home

When it comes to your home you have an instinct to bring your style in and make it your own, to be surrounded by the things you love and are passionate about. These are emotional choices that add to feelings of connection and comfort to your home. On the other hand, there's buying and selling property, which is an incredibly large investment, probably the biggest in your lifetime. It’s a business transaction and needs to be handled in the most objective way possible.

Stepping back and making non-emotional decisions about your home is a tough thing to ask, but it’s absolutely worth it if you gain hundreds of thousands of dollars when you sell in the future. If you bolt off blindly and create a fishpond you may end up losing large amounts of money, and having regrets about that installation when you go to sell your home.

All you need to do is stop and think about your home additions from a business frame of mind, and make a choice that will work not only for you and your lifestyle but for others as well. All it takes is some dedicated research and planning, which is something you probably want to do anyway, considering how important and valuable your home really is to you.

What are property addition hot spots?

Certain features do very well in almost all locations. These additions people are upgrading in their homes are helping homes on the market reach great prices and sell quickly.

Indoor-outdoor space

A floor plan that allows a free flow from inside to outside is high on everyone’s list. Look for ways to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces.

A living area that opens out to a level garden, decking or lawn affords great space for entertaining. For families, it’s the perfect way for parents to keep an eye on the kids playing outside.

The way you connect the two spaces is critical. Go for big openings, preferably floor to ceiling and the entire ‘wall’. It should feel like you are moving into another room of the house, rather than stepping outside.

Folding window wall, bi-fold doors, accordion doors, over-sized pocket doors, French doors or lift-and-slide patio doors are best for this effect.

Choose an outdoor area that is immediately adjacent to an indoor room. For example connecting the patio to a kitchen, living or dining area.

If your only option is to use an outdoor space away from your house, a covered walkway with lighting can create a flowing ‘hallway’ to give the same flowing effect from indoors to outdoors.

All-weather terrain

Covered outdoor space is really prized as it means that space can be accessed year-round. You don’t have to fully cover the area, partially covered will work well too.

People see that kind of versatility as valuable, especially if that space is comfortable enough to use as an additional living space. This might mean a retractable roof, fire pit, heating solutions, and ambient lighting.


Choose flooring for your outdoor entertaining space that is the same or complementary to the flooring in the adjacent indoor room.

Travertine and etched concrete are paving products that look great both indoors or outside and are both functional and durable. If you didn’t want to replace your indoor flooring then paving stones are a good bet for creating a free flow outdoor space.

Off-street parking

A simple and cheap addition to your home that really pays off is covered off-street parking. Not only will this tick boxes for many potential buyers, but it will also help with your security and car insurance costs.

Kitchen benchtop

Another simple addition that is a plus for buyers is an upgrade to a stone benchtop in the kitchen. Not only do stone benchtops look fantastic they are associated with quality, longevity, and durability. There are plenty of types and colours to choose from so you can still find something that shows some personality and shows off the style of your home, and you.


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