Make your pool more accessible this summer

October 19, 2018

Selling a home is more than just presenting what you have; it’s showcasing a lifestyle that other people will desire. Sometimes people need a little direction to see the true potential of what’s on offer and a pool is no exception.

Having a backyard pool should be a fantastic drawcard, however, if you haven’t been keeping it up to date chances are it will come across as a lot of work and an expense rather than a bonus. The way to win people over with your pool is for you to love it and make it a feature of your lifestyle. Doing that will naturally carry over when you sell.

If you are not selling your home and you are underusing your pool, this post will be just as beneficial to you for getting the most out of your summer in the backyard and have you loving your home and life.

1. Have deck space

Pool fencing can sometimes literally fence your pool in so there isn’t enough space left to lounge. Find a way to make good use of the space you have while still being safe, remember a table close to a fence rail can mean an easy step over it for a little one. If you have an outdoor pool and no decking consider making a raised deck around the pool to create an in-ground look and allow space to enjoy the poolside.

2. Create a lounge area

Bright and inviting sun loungers have been the tried and true outdoor go to furniture for decades. New materials, including cane, bamboo and rattan weaving are more outdoor friendly and stylish than ever, or you can opt for UV protected plastic to ensure your recliner beds last longer. New styles also include rocker rails so you get a soothing rock back and forth while you bask.

3. Use an ice bucket

It doesn’t matter what your beverage is, wine, beer, soft drink, juice or water, having an ice bucket by your side is a stylish and lavish look no one can refuse. Plastic, steel, crystal or painted, the style options are endless and will be sure to create a fashionable mood.

4. Provide shade

The best time to use the pool is when the weather is at its hottest. It’s also the worst time to be outdoors. Provide shade with umbrellas for your seating to keep you and all your gear cool and out of the suns glare. Having shade will mean you and others will stay by the poolside longer. Umbrellas come in many styles, fabrics and sizes so you can be sure to find something that works for your pool area.

5. Use soft beach towels

Fluffy beach towels are great for the poolside. They are bigger than standard towels and more absorbent and most importantly come in a wide range of colours and prints, meaning you can find the right look to best showcase your home. Have them rolled tightly on each sun lounger or draped softly over the chair ends.

6. Install working extras

A small addition can make a big impact. It might be underwater or decking lights, a water feature like a fountain or waterfall wall or a bubble stream can add ambience and set your home apart from others.

7. Get a pool cleaning robot

Any way to easily make your pool as clean as possible is going to work in your favour. Crystal clear water is the most enticing way to encourage people to take a dip. It also means the hard work is off the table for people viewing your home. If the pool sparkles, they’ll assume it will stay that way, any amount of grime or green and they will be clocking up the hours or dollars that need to go into maintaining it.

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