Make the ultimate kids-zone at home

Make the ultimate kids-zone at home

April 19, 2019

There are two things you want to get right when it comes to creating an indoor space for your kids.

1. It’s functional as well as stimulating

2. It will continue to be functional and stimulating as they grow up.

Some people also choose to take into account how the room will be used after the child has left the nest, preferring to create a space that will be adult friendly in decades to come, however, taking too many factors into consideration may make the task more complicated, and less personal. If you are serious about taking the time to remodel your kids room, stick to a concept that is simple and focused for a result that will satisfy everyone.

Ideally you want to create a space they will love to use and continue using for years to come. Constantly renovating a room is not only messy and expensive, it can deprive a child of a feeling of safety and certainty within their home.

Creative activities to take into account

• Reading

• Craft/projects

• Building

• Play

As well as emotional wellbeing

• A place to tuck up when sick

• Rest when tired

• Grow and explore

• Keep content on a rainy day

In order to tailor a room or a play area that suits your children you’ll need to include a variety of functions. You want to give them open space as well as nooks to hide in: A reading seat or corner, a place to store their toys for easy use and pack away, a cosy space can mean building beds into walls, which opens up space as well as provides some privacy and creativity.

A creative blend

You want the kids space to be a blend of what they love and what you love in terms of style and layout. This way everybody feels relaxed and comfortable in the space and it won’t be jarringly different from the rest of your home. While your child’s likes and dislikes will shift over time some things will probably stand out as keepers. So while My Little Pony phases may get old quickly, a subtle horse theme may stand the test of time. While a particular sporting team or player may go out of fashion, sport in general may stand strong.

Have the final say

Your child will probably swear that a glittery unicorn will be loved for all time, they just don’t have the foresight to know any different, so it’s up to the parent to find a match that works.

The big factors to consider are carpets, light fittings and wall colours. Go for classic and timeless pieces that border on artistic.

Building is something that kids adore, is fantastic for their development and will be enjoyed for years to come. Lego, indoor cubbies (like fabric tepees and hidey-holes) have flexible purposes and can easily be closed off or packed away when not in use.

Broader uses

As well as a room for your child to sleep and play also consider wider purposes, play dates, hosting sleepovers, homework and study are all on the cards.

You may also need to have a duel purpose for your kids additional space like a guest room when grandparents come to visit.

Think about how to best create a space your kids can work in as well as play in, however, be careful about having computers, TVs and gaming stations in the bedroom. It’s best if these can be isolated in a rumpus room or lounge room so that sleep is not disrupted.

A sturdy table or bench space big enough for an adult to use will ensure they can sit and colour and paste right through to research their biology project.

Above all, when designing your kids space have fun. This is a project to be treasured and enjoyed.


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