How to transform your walls without paint!

How to transform your walls without paint!

May 24, 2019

White walls are common in homes because they are neutral, look clean and light and are guaranteed not to offend anybody, however, walking into zero personality makes it difficult to feel like home.

There are lots of situations when you can’t makeover your walls with a splash of daring paint or a string of hooks on the walls. For example, people not planning to stay for a long period of time wouldn’t want the expense or hassle of painting the walls. Also, those who are renting, saving money for renovations, staying as guests or are living with their parents who won’t allow a makeover, then your options for decorating might seem limited. No matter what your space is like there are always stunning options available to you to help make your blank space personal so you can walk in and have it feel like home, no matter how long you are there for.

1. Wall decals

The range of wall sticker art is pretty spectacular and prices have come down since decals were first introduced, meaning you can get large, quality stickers without having to save a small fortune. Proven to come off a wall without injuring paint underneath, these are an amazing way to style a room and add some artistic flare. Not just for kid’s rooms, vinyl wall stickers can be fantastically sophisticated, as well as enchantingly romantic.

If the thought of art doesn’t inspire you a similar trend is a temporary wallpaper. The peel and stick contact comes in a range of textures that can be easily applied not just to bland walls, but also hallways and cupboard doors. Wood grain, stone, brick and mortar are just a few to select from to give your wall a genuine luxe look to large blank spaces. For added effect, you can also purchase 3D wallpaper to give your wall a genuine look and texture of tactile materials.

2. Flat Display shelves

If you have a tight space getting a deep bookshelf in can be a nightmare, and it will probably become filled with clutter in a short space of time, which probably isn’t the look you were going for. Display shelves are simple enough to DIY with basic materials so you can make any size needed to cover a blank wall. They are flat so they won’t cramp small spaces. All you need is a medium-density fibreboard (MDF) backing sheet, and nail in ledges where you need them. You can finish with a bordering trim or leave them open. Colour with paint, decoupage or stickers as bold or as vividly as you like.

Once completed you can display books large and small, including coffee table books, magazines, records, photos and light prints. Slightly deeper ledges can hold art supplies, like canvas frames, jars of brushes, and rolled up charcoal scrolls for an artsy finish.

3. LED lights

LEDs are great for decorative display. They are low voltage so less power and safer to use in your home for long periods.

String lights can come in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes, or the traditional fairy light string has a simple and charming effect, day or night.

Combine with shelves, props or mirrors for a wowing effect.

4. Wall curtains

Curtains add a wave of depth, texture, and ambience, as well as the illusion of a bright window, even if the only thing behind it is a blank wall.

Choose the fabric, pattern, and thickness to bring the desired mood to your blank space. The genius of tension curtain rails means you can easily add a curtain rail in any room of your home, for windows, room dividers, or to brighten up a wall. Tension curtain rails are durable and don’t require any drills, screws or nails. They simply need to rest both ends against a frame or wall. If you have a window then it will draw attention to the light and space. If you don’t have a window here, it creates a big impact.  For a full effect have your curtains touch the floor.

The real benefit of decorating a space with temporary beauty is you can change it out whenever you like. For a different look, feel, or mood, simply re-stick, reapply or re-touch to your heart’s desire.


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