How to Maximise Space When Renovating your Kitchen

How to Maximise Space When Renovating your Kitchen

February 8, 2019

If you are new to renovating then designing your new kitchen can be daunting, not to mention expensive. We’ve come up with some ways you can make this as simple and successful as possible.

There are a number of times you might be looking to renovate a kitchen

• You are buying a home that needs a revamp

• Your existing home is looking a little tired

• Your current kitchen is not working (either electrics or space)

• You need to change to fit new circumstances (a growing family or new empty nesters)

• You are preparing your home for sale

If you are going to sell your home, a large kitchen or bathroom renovation is not especially effective. What you make of your kitchen is very dependent on your own personal needs and likes. Potential buyers might not consider your changes to be favourable, or worth paying extra for. They may even tear out your brand new kitchen and install a new one of their own.

Keep big renovations like this for your own use, so you can get the most out of your home and create the lifestyle you will enjoy for many years to come.


The right kitchen arrangement makes all the difference to the look and feel of your meal preparation space. You’ll want to design a new kitchen that is both stylish and functional. Functional is different things to different people, really consider what works for the space of your home and also the way you wish to use your kitchen area.

Tip: Want a stand-out kitchen: Even if your kitchen is the stand-out hub of your house you should still look to find a flow that pairs it smoothly and effortlessly to the rest of your home décor to create a fit that feels natural.

It’s important that you utilise the space of the room appropriately as well as build a kitchen that caters to your strengths and desires. If you prefer a lot of bench space, if you need higher than average benches, if you need more storage space, or if you prefer the focus to be the cooking elements, all this needs to be carefully outlined before your build.

A gallery style kitchen is ideal for smaller spaces while a big, broad room will be able to carry a central island bench with plenty of cupboard storage underneath.

Smart Storage

Maximising storage potential in any room is important, but in a kitchen, where so many appliances, equipment pieces, crockery and accessories need to be stored, it becomes a quest for balance and perfection.

Smart storage includes not only all those kitchen pieces but food as well; difficult small items like spices and flavourings to big chunky items like bags of rice and boxes of cereal.

Full depth cabinets are often pesky and difficult to use so be confident, especially if your space is small, to go for tall and narrow cupboard spaces and under bench storage for your dinnerware, mugs and glasses. Also consider corner storage options where shelves rotate behind the doors. Plate stands can also make a big difference with space and access, allowing you to stand your plates side by side rather than stacking them on top of each other.

Pull-out pantries are a great way to save space and have everything accessible with a simple slide-out system. They can open sideways from a narrow cupboard door or front on from a double door style cupboard. You can make even more use of this space with airtight containers for food storage rather than their original packaging which can be bulky, awkwardly sized or delicate. Similar to the pull-out pantry, this idea works just as well for pull-out pot racks. Make sure you have segregated sections within your draws to store small items and cutlery easily and neatly.

You may find that adding extra shelves works best for you or having overhead hanging space if you are quite savvy in the kitchen and want your pots and pans within easy reach.

Open plan kitchen

If your kitchen is where your family is most likely to gather or if you like to entertain then an open plan or integrated kitchen might be on the cards for you.

A breakfast bar is an easy way to give you more time to socialise during food preparation or light meals, or a decked alfresco dining area might be the best place to serve your guests a delicious feast for special occasions or a regular get together.

If you have a smaller space a combined open plan kitchen and dining might be the best way for you to harness the best of your home and maximise your meal areas.

When you plan for what you need and take the time to put together a kitchen that works for you, the result is a hard-working space that feels easy and will bring enjoyment for years to come.


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