How to make a scarecrow

How to make a scarecrow

December 13, 2019

Looking for something different to entertain the kids these school holidays, why not make a scarecrow?

Kids crave creativity and this project has it in droves. From choosing old clothes to dress it in to naming it and making it part of the daily routine, it's a cheap and easy outdoor activity that can give back in untold ways. The possibilities for how your creation will look are just about endless and can bring some real personality and fun to your garden.

If your kids aren't that keen on spending time in the garden with you this can possibly turn that around and get them gleefully weeding, composting and picking their own healthy fruits and veg.

There isn't much to it and it can be as simple or as complex as you like. A lot of variations will depend on what kinds of materials you have lying around at home, an old soccer ball could be your scarecrow head, an old pillow the body, anything goes so get creative and reuse as many old items as you can.

If you use an old broom you can have a one-legged scarecrow which means you won't need to drill or have screws. Just tie another piece of wood across the top of the broom top for arms and put something on top of the broom for a head. Otherwise here are some more detailed instructions for a two-legged scarecrow.

Here are some suggestions for things you might need

-Clothes you no longer wear (like a dress, shirt, pants, hat, scarf, gumboots)
-4 long pieces of wood. They don't need to be the same shape or size
-A short piece of wood to attach the body frame (scarecrow hips)
-Something for tying off the ends - string, twine or cable ties
-Straw for stuffing
-A hessian bag to make the body and head
-Some screws
-A drill
-Permanent texter for drawing face and features

Start by measuring out the size you want to make your scarecrow. You can lay the clothes out on the ground and use them as a guide for what size and shape to make the scarecrow body.

The four long pieces of wood you have make legs (2 pieces), the spine (1 piece) and the arms (1 piece). The short piece of wood will be the pelvis that holds it all together.


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