How to create your 2020 vision

How to create your 2020 vision

December 30, 2019

To get your sights set on a perfect 20 20 vision there are a few key things you need to know about mindset. And the reason I'm breaking into this is that when it comes to success your mindset can make or break your achievements.

For example, if you say you want to go to the gym and get fit, what is going to get you to get into your gym clothes and go through the doors of that gym and do a workout?

Chances are that after a few sessions (if you even get that far) you will be telling yourself all the reasons why it's better to stay home on the sofa. It's more comfortable, you aren't as fit as everyone else there, you are too tired, you don't like how you feel during or afterwards, you will go tomorrow….it goes on and on and this right here all those excuses is your mindset. Which is along the lines of it's not worth it… or maybe even I'm not worth it. When you have that line of thinking you can make as many goals and bully yourself as much as you like, but the outcome is going to be something pretty similar to what it's always been. You need to hone in on something new you need to hone in on something SMART. A SMART goal takes in the following details, it is specific, measurable, accountable, realistic and time-sensitive.

A SMART goal goes way beyond just a promise to do better or a wish for things to be different. A smart goal creates a motivating mindset that actually gets you moving and shifts your focus away from all those excuses and pinpoints what you want and exactly how you are going to get it. When you break a goal down to bite-sized pieces then it's easy for your mind to get excited about ticking off those boxes so instead of one overwhelming, seemingly insurmountable goal that goes against your mindset, you get a series of small tasks that motivate you to continue.

Let's take business tasks like growing your own business. Your goal might be something unfocused and unspecific, like, I want my business to be bigger next year… it doesn't give you much direction into what you can do to get that started, or how you will know if it's working.

So let's apply some SMART goal strategies to that wish and give it more certainty.

Specific (significant): When you say 'bigger' how much bigger? Do you mean that in staff numbers, customer numbers, products produced or profit margins? Get clear on exactly what will be bigger, that way you know what to focus your time and energy on. It's also important to know why is this important to you. It needs to hold significance to be on track with your mindset so you will be working towards something you want.

Measurable: How much bigger are we talking? An extra 3 customers a day, a second store or maybe $1000 a week? If you want to earn an extra 500,000 a year what does that mean month to month and what checks will you put in place to know it's working?

Accountable: When you hold yourself accountable then you can't shrug off the workload. You need to follow your plan through and be ready to pull up your socks to get there. If you need to delegate or involve other people be sure to include them in your goal plan so they know specifically what they are aiming to achieve and can measure their progress with you. They can also let you know if it's ever unrealistic, in which case you may need to hire additional staff or adjust the goal to fit. Holding yourself accountable to a third party like a coach or a charity can help motivate you to go through with what you want to achieve.

Realistic: There is no model for what your goal needs to be, it can quite literally be anything you want the only catch is it needs to be realistic. Why? Because if you aim too high or too low and the goal is too easy or too difficult you will instantly lose motivation. It's all about mindset, remember? To stay motivated you need to pick numbers and timeframes that you can realistically achieve. Which doesn't mean you have to pull up your dreams, you can probably achieve more than you think over the long term, just be sure not to bite off more than you can chew in a day.

Time-sensitive: If you fail to put a used by date on your goal you will not be motivated to take action, after all, there will always be tomorrow when you can get that job done. If you are especially good at procrastinating, then give yourself tight deadlines so you will be switched on to take action. Make sure your action steps are small bites that will gradually add up to your bigger goal. You don't need to increase your portfolio overnight, step by step and bit by bit you will see results, which is why it's so important to have that measurability and accountability so that you continue to check in and see how far you have come and stay with it!!!!

If your goal is better relationships with your team, so that you know them better and they work more cooperatively and care about your business then you can put in action steps - to hold a weekly project meeting, to have social nights, to go for team lunches, to do your personality profiles together, to exercise together, it is completely up to you how you action your goals, the important thing is you know what you want, what you need, how you will achieve it, when you will achieve that by and most importantly, why it's so important to do all these things.

A great plan is all you need and will outpace smarts, courage and resources so put your plan to great use and go in a direction you will be proud of.


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