How To Add Big Colours To Your Home

How To Add Big Colours To Your Home

September 18, 2020

In a previous post, we gave you a rundown on colours that work to enhance your home while appealing to the widest tastes, to add value, with too much personality to your home during the sale. While personality adds incredible pop and vibrancy, your tastes are not going to be everyone tastes, which can put off, or leave a slight doubt in the minds of your potential buyers, which is something you'll be wanting to avoid.

Sounds dull? That's okay there are ways to include some colour and some zing to your interior paint choices so you don't accidentally snooze your way to the end of a settlement, after all, there is a lot that needs to happen between that sale and the money hitting your account...just ask your conveyancer, they know the drill inside out.

The right paint colour has the power to change the feeling of your whole home.

So, in honour of colours outside the box and to allow at least some of your creative spirit to visit your home sale, here are some ways you can colour without turning up anyone's nose.

Step One: Apply a bright, heavy or bold colour where they matter most.

Look around to see which features will benefit most from drawing the eye. This will be dependent on your home structure, age, lighting and of course the feeling you want to convey. Look out for ways to enhance the look of your home by painting a feature wall, a half wall, or painting an archway or door with a bright, bold colour.

You can opt to repaint the entire interior of your home or just an impacting feature wall to draw attention or add bounce where it's needed most.

If you're going for pastels then the best way to do this is by saturating the whole space in a single colour to get an outstanding sensory experience.

Finding that your favourite colour is just too heavy? Try using white on the trims to lighten things up and break the space.

The best part about repainting your home interior is the painting project you undertake can be to any scale or budget you desire. It's also an easy job to do yourself which allows you to stay within a budget, you just need to apply some time and throw down some drop sheets. Of course, you can also step it up a notch with fancy painting schemes that call for stripes and stencils, it's completely up to you, just be sure not to get too personal with your colour choices and decorative styles, if you are selling your home you want to appeal to the widest market possible, that means, stick to the known favourites. If you did want to liven up your home with slightly more daring colour, then a subtle theme of colour through your home can let you get in some creativity without scaring people off.

Step Two: Get into modern technology before you get into your paint.

You don't have to commit to putting paint on the walls to see the results. Modern apps, online and in-store technology at paint supply stores give you the ability to load your choices and get a feel for it before you spend the money and time. That way you can feel confident in what your colours are going to give you. This way you can use trial and error to your heart's content.

Step Three: Find the flow.

Having a hint of colour can work equally well as a slab, especially if you want to keep it low key. The way to make this work is to have echoes of that colour in every room, not just in paint but also in tiles, benchtops, items on display, cushion covers and artwork. A little can go a very long way so keep it slight.

A colour theme through your home can create a feeling of harmony, space and flow. This subtle addition can tie the rooms of your home together.

Step Four: Leave out the stress

Sure there are guidelines to what colours are working right now in each state, but in all honesty, it doesn't matter what you do, a fresh coat of paint is a great way to brighten up your home, no matter what you choose. If you love what you have, it feels right for your space, by all means, use it, love and strut it.  On the flip side, if you have used a modern, recommended colour and hate it on the trials, forget about it, it's not as important as a great fit for your home. You know your home best so give it the facelift it needs and if that doesn't exactly match with what's on-trend, it might be the point of difference you need to get over the line.
All that matters is you feel great about the space you make.


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