How Paint Can Add Value to Your Home

How Paint Can Add Value to Your Home

August 21, 2020

Most people might not notice what colour of the year it is (Classic Blue for 2020 BTW), or pay that much attention to the difference between Bubble Bath blue and Quench, however, even those outside of the visual arts, interior design and decorating scene have a colour pallet they are drawn to and guess what, where you live, might influence your tastes.

While colour trends do come and go, there are some tried and true favourites you can put your money on as a crowd-pleaser. Knowing what the preferred colours are from city to city can also play into your hands if you are looking to add a fresh coat of paint and want to know which hue is going to get the best response from potential buyers.

There is no doubt that a fresh coat of paint can liven up your home and having it looking better than brand new. Being smart about your colour choices makes all the difference.

As well as providing a new and fresh glow to your walls, erasing imperfections, a new coat of paint brings the look and feel of your home up to the minute, creating an on-trend feel. It's one of the quickest, cheapest and most gratifying ways to increase the worth of your home by adding ambience and mood.

People really respond to colour, it can have a powerful impact on our emotions and thoughts.

You can create absolutely any look, feel or atmosphere you want in your home thanks to a colour range that allows you to mix, match, and switch any colour imaginable. Modern-day paint colours are quite limitless. The technology available today makes it easy to pick any colour and turn it into paint. It's also easy (almost too easy!) to get a perfect colour match from a small sample, so touch-ups or fresh coats are a breeze, even after your colour pot has run dry.

If you can't find what you are looking for on the endless pallet options, you can opt to have a custom colour made exactly to your wishes. Perhaps you want to match a trim or front door colour to a stain-glass window or hand-painted knocker, you got it.

For a paint finish that will impress you want to stick to the classics (not to worry you have about 70 to choose from so it's not like you are limiting your options) or you can dive into one of the proven on-trend colours to make a modern statement.

Currently, there is a trend across the east coat for dusty, soft colours, especially a dusty green, grey or a dusty, cool blue. The effect of these is calm, tranquil and comforting, creating a relaxing atmosphere that you want to settle into.

The season is just as important when it comes to atmosphere. In winter, the colours that appeared more frequently in East coast Australian homes were darker greens, even into olive type greens, and blends of grey and beige.

The modern must-have colour in Melbourne is a deeper blue-green slate colour, After Dark, that is moody, calm and flat, the kind of colour you look over rather than get lost in. It makes a bold statement without offering any emotion, pretty impressive combination.

Those in Sydney are finding pale, natural look is in with beige colours that echo clay, sand and the ocean, such as the Fika swatch. The tones are soft and it helps enhance a natural light effect.

Because of the influence of season on colour trends, you'd expect that the more tropical states will have different tastes.

Around Brisbane, there is a trend for light blue and pale grey hues that are light and bright.

Of course, if you want to get bold and show some vibrancy in your interior paint choices there are ways to do that too and I'll get to that in a blog a little later on. In the meantime, swatch up and get inspired to take your living to new and harmonious levels.


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