Furnishing Hard to Fill Spaces

Furnishing Hard to Fill Spaces

December 7, 2017

When you are looking to sell your home, furnishing hard to fill spaces makes a big difference in the sales negations and can really tip the scales in your favour. A desirable room, especially a main living space, can make a desirable future home.

Finding the charm and quality of each room can sometimes seem daunting, especially if you have odd shaped spaces and walls with corners that are not designed on the standard 90-degree angle.

It can be a challenge to show how a room has space and purpose when the roof is slanted, or the corners stick out.

You don’t need to wait until you want to sell to get your house looking it’s finest. Moving in, redecorating or just wanting to find your rooms’ unique spice and style, anyone can benefit from these stunning room makeovers.

Here are some amazing ways you can dress up non-traditional rooms to show their best side and get the most out of your living space.

Furnishing Hard to Fill Spaces                                                                                         

Open Spaces

White paint (or light paint shades) work wonders on rooms with distracting angles or corners, columns and random ins and outs.

White or light paint colours will help those corners blend into each other and create unity and central focus. You will need to place something interesting in that central focus, however, or the white space will look a little endless.

In a large room (such as an open plan living area) go for dark coloured furniture and matching dark curtains to frame the windows. Also consider dark carpet or flooring. You will create a cluster of attractive solid objects to draw the eye. For added pop, stain your window frames and shelves to match your floor. If you have solid timber flooring, a dark coloured rug will bring the look of your furniture together in a neat space.

In a small space, go for even more white. Narrow rooms are best with a simple one-tone wash throughout. Use white or light coloured furniture, bookshelves and lamps. For colour, go with a bold cushion, throw rug, a bright flower arrangement or shelf ornament to bring some vibrancy and interest to the room. Rather than curtains that will look bulky and take up valuable space, go for white Venetian or draw down blinds.

What’s most interesting about your space?

It’s tempting to line your furniture up against the walls, avoid this if you can. You are looking to start a conversation to build a sense of the room’s character.

Find an element of the room that is most interesting and make this your base.

It could be a fireplace, a piece of artwork or a window. Build your space around this. If you have two couches, place them on each side of the conversation point. Have your furniture face each other to create a friendly closed talking space.

Love your weakness

Have a curved wall? It’s well worth getting custom furniture to fit. A beautifully curved couch nestled in can create a space that’s inviting, unique and appealing.

If you are working with an angled space, emphasise the angle with a dark shade of paint on the angled wall. Choose the bottom third or half of the wall and follow the angle with a dark shade to the floor. Try a shade of grey, dark blue or deep green (pick a colour that matches the mood of the room and compliments your furniture.)

Shading your angle will highlight, rather than hide the uniqueness of your room. If you want to show a creative side, wall decals in the shaded zone will look stunning, or place a piece of furniture against the shaded wall.

Have a wall that is made of windows and need to put your couch in a clear corner or along a glass wall? Choose a couch colour that complements your garden. Green, yellow or earthy colours will draw people’s eye out to the garden beyond.

Practical space

If your room is long and narrow and also used as a walkway through to another room, like the kitchen or bathroom, make sure the walkway is your number one priority. Have a wide, clean space to walk through and cluster furniture well away from it.

Turn the alcove beside a fireplace into a study area by inserting a small table into the nook. Shelves well spaced above the desk can be used for study books, paint sets or a stereo, whatever you are working on.

Shapes make a difference

Dress a long, narrow space with long and low shaped furniture to help lengthen the look of the room.

A sloping roof or awkward corner room is a reading nook waiting to be discovered. Build in bench seats or an eye-catching window seat and turn a wall into a book library by fixing in some shelves. Make use of any natural light that is available when placing your seats and look for versatility, you’re best with seating arrangements that are comfortable in any position (sitting, reclined, laying down.) If you have kids you can consider beanbags to give this reading room a younger appeal.

Hiding an awkwardly shaped room will usually draw attention to it and show how impractical it is. Embrace your space, remember, it was made that way for a reason and getting the best out of it will really open up amazing angles in your life.


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