Decorating tips for while you're renting

Decorating tips for while you're renting

November 16, 2018

Ready to style up a storm but feel that you can’t because you are renting? Rest easy, these trouble free styling tips will ensure you love the home you are in without breaking the bank or putting holes in the wall.

One of the wonderful advantages of owning your own home is you can decorate however you want. The style world is your oyster to enjoy and you answer to no one.

If you are renting, that doesn’t mean you have to sit around with plain walls and boring features. You can absolutely bring some easy and simple styling solutions to a rented home that won’t ruffle your landlord’s feathers.

You’ll get the bonus of loving the time you spend at home while cutting down stress and expenses of moving from property to property while looking for variety. A smart landlord will appreciate your work and reap the benefits as well, since you are more likely to continue renting longer. Property owners are starting to realise the importance of having a styled property to keep their tenants happy. So much so that it’s developing a bit of a trend, while staging homes for sale has had proven results and is growing in favour, some bigger property investment companies are now starting to apply style details to entice renters in, have them look after a property better and extend contracts more often.

Without going to the trouble of hiring professional stylist, here are some fun and easy ways you can revamp the look of your rental home.

1. Go Green

Having indoor plants is great for your mind and body and comes with purifying qualities and calming properties. Plus they do an amazing job of freshening up the look and life of a room. For best results have some different types of plants in different sizes in every room of the house. Bathrooms and toilet rooms are especially plant friendly.

Plants that work particularly well indoors are cacti, ferns (especially Boston fern), peace lily, fiddle leaf fig and devils ivy.

2. Dress Plants Up

To really make those plants work you need the right accessories. There are plenty of options, from conventional plant pots to creative solutions that come from recycling or repurposing other items and materials. For larger potted plants the bigger the planter container the better. Having large baskets coupled with tropical foliage also adds some colour and texture to the room.

For the store bought options there is a wide range of materials to choose from including pottery, clothe, weave and rope.

Plants can also stand out vividly on corner ladders or tiered plant stands, get creative and see what you already have laying around.

3. Soft Wall Art

Rather than putting numerous nails in the walls you can get maximum impact and cover a large space with lightweight wall art like macramé hangings. These 70’s fashion wonders are making a comeback in a big way and some of the styles are truly artistic. The homemade feel is softening and inviting and you can match styles and colours to your décor and personality to really make the place feel like home. These are especially great for hanging above the bed. Have a go at making your own.

4. Soft Sofa Art

Cushions are another really big personal touch factor that you can bring into your home without any fuss or bother. With so many colours, textures, prints and sizes available you can really set a mood, and possibly even create a talking point. Go for bold, incredibly comfy or radicle to really let your personality show. You can change up the covers whenever you need a fresh point of view, or make a point of matching cushion covers to best highlight the current season.

Throw rugs, especially in winter, are a great soft and stylish detail to add to your sofa. Again, there are so many to choose from and they double as a great friend when watching a movie or cuddling with loved ones.

5. Stylish surfaces

Bookshelves, fireplaces, coffee tables and dressers. These are all your blank canvas areas, waiting to be discovered. You want to aim for a clean line look (avoid clutter) so choose a few key showcase items and add some subtle flourishes. Using a tray or dish is a great way to scatter items and still be tidy, as well as making your decorative piece easy to move if needed. Look for a variety of heights and textures and think outside the box for items like feathers, toys and living objects, like fish or flowers.

You don’t need to break any renters rules to decorate. Having a home that is fresh and bright is important for mental health and motivation. Create a space you will love and take pride in, and remember, it’s all great practice for when you buy your own home and are ready to put some colour on the walls.


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