Amazing Bedroom Storage Ideas

February 18, 2019

If you haven’t decluttered your home yet, or you have and still need to find organised new homes for the items you want to keep then chances are your bedroom has all the space your already need.

These simple and easy storage ideas work in any home, be it your bedroom, the kid’s room or the guest room.

Organised cupboards

It’s amazing how much more space you can find in your bedroom when you organise your cupboards. The easiest way to do this is with boxes or tubs.

Great for

• Blankets

• Towels

• Sheets

• Extra pillows

• Cushions

• Bathers

Choose whatever style you like to match your décor, wood, material, cardboard or plastic, make your own or buy from any number of stores from budget to designer. Use these to store anything that doesn’t fit comfortably in the wardrobe hanging space or drawers. Keep like items together so you can easily retrieve them when needed. Your tubs and boxes should slide easily onto existing wardrobe shelf spaces. They are also a great way to utilise those high up shelves that are hard to reach.

Segmented drawer containers

Different sized open-top boxes are a great way to store pesky items that roll around drawers or get lost or tangled in everything else.

Great for things like

• Cosmetics

• Pins

• Cufflinks

• Member cards

• Jewellery

• Hair accessories

Allocate your items into their own little boxes that sit side by side in a bigger box or on a tray (so they don’t move around when you open and close the drawer). This is also a good way to store difficult clothing items like underwear, bras, ties and scarves.

Bed Space

If you have a slat bed then you have storage space ready to go. Ensemble beds don’t offer this little hideaway space. Other options are bed bases that come with storage drawers.

Great for storing

• Suitcases

• Gym equipment

• Out of season clothes

The best way to use this space is with containers or suitcases. Clear containers enable you to see what’s inside so you can find it again easily when needed. If you already store your suitcases under the bed then a clever trick it to fill them with out of season clothes.

Kids beds

Consider a roll-out trolley for storage under the kids bed where you can place toys, such as Lego and craft equipment into storage bins and lay them flat in the trolley. This way your kids have easy access to them and they are simple to pack up and slide away when done.

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Shelves are a great way to store items you use frequently or those decorative items you want to have on display. They can be any length and made from just about any material. Shower caddies can look really amazing as bedroom shelving, take a look in stores or online at options that will double as interesting artistic wall features.


• Hats

• Scarves

• Belts

• Books

• Shoes

• Bags

• Purses

• Hair accessories


Not just shelves but also creates, boxes and bins can be wall mounted to give you more floor space, plus they look amazing on the wall

• Lego

• Stuffed toys

• Books

• Train sets

• Costumes

Corner shelves

Corners can be a bit of a dead space, however, there are many great corner stands and corner shelves that can turn the least used part of a room into a handy storage space.

Best for storing items that are decorative as they will draw attention and stand out in this part of the room.

Go for

• Jewellery

• Shoes

• Books

• Photos

• Ornaments

• Bags

• Purses

• Keys


Wooden ladders are a creative and elegant way to bring more storage space into your home. They can be single sided and lean against a wall or A-frame and have shelves and baskets running through them. You can even mount the ladder on the wall for a super creative space.

Great for

• Scarves

• Blankets

• Towels

• Magazines

• Jeans

• Wraps

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Door hangers

The space behind your door is perfect for hooks or hangers. Hooks are great for jackets, hats and scarves, while over the door shoe pockets are great for storing just about anything small and non-breakable. The compartments are perfect for items you use frequently.

If you have a bedroom cupboard then consider storing shelves or racks on the inside of the door for items like purses, wrapping paper and daily organisers.

Good storage space is all about creativity. Once your home is cleared of all the items you no longer need you will enjoy a space where everything is neatly on hand the moment you need it.

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