5 Top Ways to Organise Your Bedroom

5 Top Ways to Organise Your Bedroom

May 31, 2019

When it comes to organising, de-cluttering, and revamping your home the one room often people overlook, or leave until last, is the bedroom. After all, this is your private haven, which means, unlike your living room or bathroom, you can get away with closing the door and not worrying about what others think.

While it might seem like a good idea to focus on the more open rooms of your home first, organising the private space and sanctuary of your bedroom should be top of your list.

Your bedroom is important to straighten out because it’s the last place you spend time in before you close your eyes at night, and the first thing you wake up to in the morning. If your room is stressed, tired, and unkempt, you are not going to fall asleep feeling comfortable and at ease, or wake up feeling fresh and recharged.

In order to create the life you want, first, you need to create a light and positive space where you can clear your head, recharge your battery and focus on the things that are important to you.

In order to get you there follow these five easy steps.

1. Focus on the bed

Your bed is the single most important thing in your bedroom. You’ll sleep better with a quality mattress so think about changing yours over if it’s worn and sagging. Flipping your mattress regularly is also healthy for space, your back, and the mattress’s life span.

Make your bed the most prominent piece of furniture. Have space on both sides, if possible, to make getting around and getting it made easy and effective.

In order to get your mind and body focused on sleep or romance, it’s essential that you remove any distractions. That means TVs, electronic games, harsh lights, and aggressive pictures all need to go. As well as any anything work-related.

On the same note, anything that hides your bed, like multitudes of pillows or toys also distracts from your bedroom’s purpose.

2. Less is a lot more

Really consider what your bedroom needs in order to function and feel great. Do you need a separate space to sit to tie your shoes or read a book or is the bed alone enough? A few items on show are great but keep the clutter and knick-knacks to a minimum.

For example, have the book you are currently reading on your bedside table with a lamp, and keep all other books and magazines on a bookshelf in another room.

Consider what personal items do you really want to keep out in order to shine or bring a certain emotion to the room. When you have less on display the items you chose to keep out will have a lot more impact. The room will also look instantly neater and be easier to clean.

If you are stuck for what to have on display, consider greening it up with an indoor plant. Living green is great for creating calm and positivity in your home.

3. Keep it clean

Have a laundry basket and use it. Although dirty clothes are best stored in the bathroom or laundry (less is more), you can also have a hamper in the corner of the bedroom, it’s better than clothes on the floor.

Even clean clothes on the floor create a mess, confusion, and a tripping hazard. Always fold your clean laundry when you bring it into the room and put your clothes away promptly for a safe, neat, and organised feel.

If you find the need to ransack your wardrobe when you are looking for something to wear, it’s a clear sign that you need to get to cut back and organise your closet.

Keep everything you wear in separated shelves, draws or cupboards so that you can put it away quickly and access it as soon as you need it in the future. This is especially important for smaller items like shoes, accessories and jewellery which, apart from looking messy and disorganised, can also get damaged, lost, or broken if not put away.

Blankets, pillows or toys that are on your bed that you don’t use at night can be stored in a trunk, wardrobe, or basket instead of having them scattered across the floor.

4. Delete

Get rid of everything you don’t use frequently - clothes, lotions, magazines, shoes, games. The reason bedrooms often get cluttered is that we hold on to things we think we might use one day. Some items are special and so we avoid using them so they don't wear out easily, other things though we keep because they seem to be a good idea at the time but not especially useful. Go through and donate, use or throw out all the items that are not an active part of your life.

5. Storage space

Getting organised is not just about cleaning up your act but also about smart storage.

Box up anything you don’t currently use in clear tubs and store them in the wardrobe, under the bed, or in a different room.

Trunks, bench seats and closed storage bins are a great idea if you want a place to sit, store, and something to create an atmosphere in the bedroom.

Even if you only get around to organising one room in your home, consider making it your bedroom for better sleep, relaxation and more positivity through your day.


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